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Title How to use NEW GLOBAL SITE
Posted by BITE ME (ip:)
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  • Date 2023-04-25 11:26:30
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This is team Biteme


On this site, 

your order + product price+ domestic (free shipping) or overseas shipping fee are paid at once, 

so you can check the tracking number on My Page.

And the export certificate has been applied on the site and renewal.

Also, promotions and events will be applied on the global b2b website same as domestic b2b or its own mall.
(This is the system not every time we notify any promotion or events to you, but you just can check a displayed pop-up message whenever you enter the website.)

l   Japanese/Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwan sellers use Chinese characters for their names, 

so there are two places which you can write down your name in Chinese character and English. 

Please remember to write down your name in two languages at the bottom.

l   Also, please write down the business registration number issued by the country, 

not the system that attaches the business registration card.

(We will check your business registration number directly and approve only for wholesaler who can confirm it.)

l   In addition, the renewed website operates a rating system. 

It starts from WHITE stage when you sign up for the first time. 

We plan to adjust the rating after a week or two of self-review based on sales of 2023.01.01~, 

so if it is not reflected after about two weeks, please contact the bulletin board on the website.

We would like to inform you that the membership level will be changed according 

to the sales purchased after the person in charge checks it once every two months.

(The standard is from 2023.01.01. Please keep that in mind.)

l   Also, we are currently managing the minimum inventory separately after switching to the global b2b site. 

If you want to purchase in bulk or if you think it is a little short of the quantity you want to purchase,

please write down the product and quantity you want on and we will check and reply.

l   Also, please contact PayPal directly for PayPal payment errors, 

and since it is not a system that continuously receives deposit notification from the bank, 

the deposit confirmation will be checked at 14:00 on the same day, 

and the shipping will be proceeding at 15:00 on the same day. (Packaging starts when shipping overseas)

l   Also, please leave all request about exchange/refund on the bulletin board, 

and if you attach and write down specific information such as clear photos and the name of the company, 

we can check it faster.

l   Also, for foreign currency deposits, it takes at least 3-5 days to transfer to Korean won. 

If you want to ask us for a faster confirmation, 

please attach SWIFT (NT01) document on the bulletin board and ask us to confirm the deposit, 

and we can check the foreign currency deposit faster through the bank. (Other deposit capture images or other statements are not accepted.)

l   In addition, there are cases where products that are not actually defective are exchanged with customers without discussing with us, 

so please always leave an inquiry on the bulletin board before exchanging them and exchange them only if they are really defective, 

and it is difficult for us to send additional items without communicate with us.

l   In addition, all the detailed pages are currently in Korean, 

but they will be gradually changed to English, and if you need to check anything first, 

you can always ask the bulletin board for questions about the product.

l   In the case of SET products and planned products, 

we will first confirm that the current single product is operated without any problems and then gradually increase it, 

so we will do our best to feel more benefits.

l   In addition, the shipping fee used so far is applied as a standard rate table, 

so for more active and more sales activities for global wholesaler, 

we will receive a lower overseas delivery fee rate table through consultation with a separate shipping company.

And, The shipping company has informed us that if we send overseas customs duties at once, 

more tariffs will be imposed, and we are delivering two boxes of them separately per day. 

If you do this, you will see that the tariff will be reduced a lot and the tariff will be reduced a lot when you calculate the total amount.

*Please write down the name of the depositor as the name of the person who ordered!

**Also, please note that special shipping costs are currently being combined due to COVID-19, 

and as COVID-19 weakens, special shipping costs are also decreasing,

so we are also applying shipping costs accordingly.

***Also, it is the first time, so system errors can occur easily.

In the case of a system error, please contact the bulletin board if you have tried the same thing after about 10 minutes and it doesn't go well.

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